Don’t miss out on snagging one of these limited edition factory beauties for 2016. Only small numbers are imported each year and stocks sell fast. Check Sherco Pilot Albert Cabestany giving one a workout on our Video page. Contact TTMOTO today to order…technical details are as follows:


Aluminum fork: The fork is produced by the TECH brand. It is 100% aluminum and is one of the lightest on the market.

Öhlins shock: New settings.

Skidplate: Extremely light and durable, made from 7075, T6, the profile enables an optimal grip in the most difficult conditions.

Wheels: Made by MORAD, anodized brilliant blue, it has been machined for weight reduction.

Crown: Produced by ZF/OXIA with an FIM protector.

Footrest: Made by S3, charcoal grey anodized aluminum, fully machined; very high quality with an excellent finish.

Rear wheel adjusting snails: Also manufactured by S3, charcoal grey anodized aluminum, featuring a convenient and compact design.

Tires: Michelin X-LITE, extremely light.

Brakes: Brake system BRAKTEC, fitted with high performance GALFER discs.

Front wheel axle: Lightened

Steering pivot nut: Lightened

Circuit breaker: OXIA, approved by the FIM.

Piston: Forged and manufactured by VERTEX.

Cylinder head: Produced by S3, the weight has been reduced and it is finished in black.

Clutch: Clutch SURFLEX R.

Housings: The housings have received a special stabilization treatment.

Exhaust: New diameter elbow for better performance at low revs.

CDI: New Dual spark CDI HIDRIA.

Rims: The rims are anodized a brilliant blue, the hubs and two spokes are flourescent yellow (for easier valve location).

Plastics: Black, giving an elegant look to the bike.

Black finish: Triple trees, fork and cylinder head.

Charcoal grey finish: Footrests, rear wheel adjusting snails, master cylinder covers and chain tensioner.

Graphics kit: Brand new and exclusive for the new 2016 Factory Special Edition Trials Model. The neon yellow is sublime and energizes the lines of the bike.

Handlebar: OXIA Handlebar has a satin white finish. New bright blue and yellow handlebar pad.

The 2016 Factory Special Edition Trials Model is the best model to date, and is the fruit of over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the production of Trials motorcycles. The model will be available in this configuration in 125cc, 250cc and 300cc for a limited time.