Sherco is pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 Trial range!


In 2023, Sherco created a completely new motorcycle, new engine, new chassis, a total new design. It demonstrated its performance by winning 2 World champion titles in its first year, 1 European title and 7 national champion titles*.

For 2024, Sherco have made several improvements to get the most out of the motorcycle and provide customers with an optimal user experience.

New features for 2024:

New air filter, support and cage that provides better sealing
New optimized electrical wiring system
New NEKEN handlebars for improved riding comfort
New fuel pump
New Aluminum Fuel Pump Connector
New voltage regulator
New Domino “soft” throttle body for improved control and comfort
2024 enhanced racing design graphics
New stronger forged steel kickstart gear
New kickstart lever design for improved starting
New reinforced clutch cover (250/300 cc)
New fuel injector
Improved mapping for a more progressive power delivery
New Dual-Spark electronic configuration to optimize engine performance at low and medium speeds.

For more information, visit the motorbike section of our website or PRE-ORDER from your dealer now.

Media Kit link : https://we.tl/t-TN4L99HQsY