Used Trials Bikes

2016 SCORPA 300 SC FACTORY$6500 $6250

2016 SCORPA 300 SC FACTORY – Very good condition.  Nothing at all to spend, just received a major service and its ready to go for years to come. The FACTORY model really is amazing:

  • High compression cylinder head
  • Anodized parts
  • S3 Hardrock Footpegs
  • OXIA (S3) Handlebars
  • OXIA (S3) Sprockets
  • Lightweight rims
  • Lightweight Michelin tyres
  • new piston rings/little end bearing
  • new fork seals
  • exhaust system cleaned out
  • silencer repacked

Reduced Sale price $6500 $6250

Bike can be shipped Australia wide in a custom SCORPA shipping crate.



(2020.02.15) We originally sold this bike to the same customer in 2016 with very low hours on it. It has since done 176 hours. In very good condition. This customer was very fussy and didn’t mind spending money to keep it serviced, and hence it rides very well. We also previously de-tuned this bike to soften the power to suit the customer’s learning needs and it has a lovely controllable output more like a docile 250 with the 290 torque. So this bike is well suited to a trials newcomer.

Everything works and a number of parts are new:

  • TRP rear shock absorber
  • Slow action throttle assembly with Limiter (suit learner)
  • Rental Grips
  • Apico Levers
  • S3 Footpegs
  • Wheel bearings
  • Suspension dogbone linkage bearings
  • Swingarm bearings

Can freight this bike Australia wide

2015 SHERCO 250 ST – SOLD

Low hours SHERCO 250 ST – Nothing at all to spend, just serviced and its ready to go for years to come. The last of the rear fuel tank design series, the 2015 model was well refined and the one to get. Nothing to spend on this bike, everything works correctly, new grips, nothing bent or worn out. Fill it up and go riding!

The 250cc is perfect for a newcomer to the sport, both tame and fierce as required. Focus on riding instead of spending your weekends repairing your bike! A budget priced quality Sherco trial bike…

Bike can be shipped Australia wide in a custom SHERCO shipping crate.