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Bike: Gas Gas TXT Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory 02->

Color: Silver

Size: 1.4mm

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Surflex is an industry leading manufacturer for motorcycle clutches and the OEM choice for most trials brands. A solid choice when replacing your worn out original clutch.

The steel clutch plates are available in 4 different thickness to allow you to get the thickness just right.

Due to GasGas pro clutch using a belleville spring you can alter the stiffness of the clutch lever pull by changing the thickness of the clutch pack,

A thicker pack gives a stiffer lever and a more instant clutch response, good for expert riders doing big steps and launches. GasGas recommend 9.85mm max.

A thinner pack makes the clutch easier to pull and a slightly softer delivery so good for clubman riders, but going too thin may lead to excessive clutch slip. GasGas recommend 9.75mm minimum.

* 1.4mm
* OEM product



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